MTG Mondays: Palladia-Mors

Palladia-Mors by Sveltin Velinov

Hello one and all and welcome to another tale from the histories of Magic the Gathering. Today we are still on the subject of elder dragons. Today we will be talking about another of Nicol Bolas’ siblings, Palladia-Mors. So pull up a stool, pour yourself some herb tea and listen to another tale that I have written on my long journeys.

Palladia-Mors was a red-green dragon with long curling horns. Mors was interested in only two things, hunting and eating but Mors was easy to sway and convince and because of this she was to first dragon to fight in the elder dragon war started by Nicol Bolas. Mors survived the war but went into hiding.

It was said that a child from the Dominarian town of Arcus went to a cave above her town. There she found the dragons Chromium and Palladia-Mors. Chromium was astounded that a child could get so close to him so he listened to her speak for hours to the annoyance of Mors. The townspeople came looking for the child when they found her speaking to the dragons. The wizards of the town declared the dragons to be evil and the townspeople rose up against the dragons. Mors ended up killing hundreds of townspeople and burned the town to the ground. A wizard stepped up, cast a spell and made Mors fall to the earth. This wizard was known as the ‘Tickery man’.

A warlord named Red Donald and his daughter named Ad’Amra came to the town eighty years later. The new ‘Tickery man’ named Ham was to perform the ritual to keep Mors asleep. Red Donald thought the story of Mors was rubbish and he didn’t believe it. Donald’s familiar, who happened to be a dragon whelp convinced Donald to start digging canals in the town. This digging woke Mors up and the dragon whelp was revealed to be Mors cousin Vaevictis Asmadi. Mors raised an army of zombies and orcs to wage war against all that stood in her way. Donald was killed and Ad’Amra became the new warlord. Ham revealed himself to be Chromium and convinced Asmadi to turn on Mors. When Mors found out about the betrayal, she made Asmadi disappear. Together, Chromium and Ad’Amra took down Mors and put her back to sleep.

So, that is the story of Palladia-Mors. While not as vicious and genocidal as Bolas, she was still vicious in her own way. She cared little for the politics of the elder dragons and she had somewhat of a simple outlook on life. All she wanted to do was hunt, eat and sleep. But she definitely has power in her own right or why else would there be a ritual to keep her asleep under the ground. I hope you enjoyed the story and as always, thank you for reading.

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