Warhammer Lore: Necron

Hello and welcome all to another story from the popular grimdark franchise Warhammer 40k. Let me ask you a question? What do you get when you cross a race that wanted to be immortal, machine body that look like skeletons and throw in some Egyptian lore? Well…you get the Necron. The Necron are one of the strongest and arguably one of the scariest races in Warhammer 40k, but who or what are they exactly?

To talk about the Necron, we must literally start at the beginning of time itself. With the creation of the universe came the creation of a race of beings called the star gods, later known as the C’Tan. While the C’Tan were being created, the planets started giving birth to creatures that were the precursor to all physical life in the galaxy known as the old ones. The old ones were masters of science and technology and made wonders such as the ability to travel between worlds in a single step. It is known that the old ones had a direct hand in the advancement of the Aeldari and Ork species and they were at the height of their power about 60 million years ago.


The Necron started out as people called the Necrontyr who were born under a horrible star that kept plaguing them with radiation storms. The lifespan of the Necrontyr was short and they had a sour demeanour and found very little joy in anything. It even got to the point that life was so short that people lived in their families tombs. The only way the Necrontyr hoped to live was to go to the stars. They set up stasis crypts on ships and went to the stars. Slowly they colonised other worlds, to the point that they ruled most of the galaxy. Each Necrontyr colony was ruled by a Triarch, which was comprised of three monarchs. The leader of the Triarch was known as the Silent King, as he wouldn’t speak to the people himself, rather he would speak through the other two kings.

The Necrontyr eventually ran into the old ones. The old ones refused to share their knowledge of eternal life. This built resentment and jealousy within the Necrontyr empire. Also, certain Necrontyr colonies started to break away from the main empire and claim that they were the best colony or dynasty. This caused an outbreak of war called the War of Succession. The Necrontyr almost wiped themselves out, but now they had a new enemy, the old ones. The Necrontyr unified again and started a war with the old ones called the War in Heaven.

The Necrontyr knew they could never win. Even though their technology was advanced, the old ones were beating the Necrontyr on all fronts. The Necrontyr were beaten all the way back to their own planet. The Necrontyr were imprisoned on their planet for a millennia. While there, they developed a hate for all intelligent life and they vowed revenge for their humiliation. The Necrontyr dynasties fell into another civil war to try and come out on top. The C’Tan made contact with the Necrontyr, and offered them enough power to fight the old ones. The Necrontyr began to worship the C’Tan, but little did they know, this would be a massive mistake and they would pay the price for blind worship and their hatred.

The horrors that the Necron would become.

The Necrontyr were given new weapons and ships to fight the old ones. But the C’Tan offered them one more thing, immortality. The Necrontyr accepted and their living bodies and souls were transferred into animated machine bodies. The Necrontyr ceased to exist and now they were only Necron. One of the only things that the Necron held onto was their hatred for the living. The Necron now marched to the stars and were able to drive the old ones back.

The old ones were now in big trouble and they knew that defeat was imminent. The C’Tan were so powerful now that nothing could stop them. Whole systems of planets were being destroyed at once by C’Tans summoning black holes at a whim. The Necron armies were slaughtering the old ones and all races under them. The old ones were all but wiped out, so out of boredom, the C’Tan started to attack each other. The Aeldari laughing god convinced one of the C’Tan called The Outsider to attack the other C’Tans. The C’Tan killed each other until there were but a few left. In their final desperation, the old ones spread their seed across the galaxy to allow new races to grow to fight the Necron in the future.

Necron Lord

These new races started to fight the Necron using the psychic powers of the warp. This new enemy to the Necron tore the C’Tan down. The Necron were being pushed back and torn apart by these new races and the old ones. The only way the Necron could deal with the old ones was to cut off the old ones and new races from the warp by setting up pylons that would block out warp energies. The amount of psychic energy in the warp and the savagery of war and battle started to manifest in the warp and awoke creatures that lived in the warp. These creatures eventually formed the realms of Chaos.

The old ones brought in genetically modified warriors to fight against the Necron but it was too late for the old ones. The new creatures in the warp started to spread across the galaxy. One of the most terrifying creatures were things called the Enslavers which were able to dominate the minds of younger races and forced them to create portals into the real world. The old ones had no more fight, between the Necron and the Enslavers, the old ones were overwhelmed and eventually destroyed.

During the final stages in the War of Heaven, one of the Necron lords, Szarekh, waited until the C’Tans were weak. Once the C’Tan won against the old ones, Szarekh turned the Necron against them. Though the C’Tan were still the most powerful beings in the galaxy, so instead of being destroyed, they were splintered into millions of pieces and spread throughout the galaxy. The Necron were now masters of their own fate.

The only problem was, now that the old ones and C’Tan were defeated, Szarekh knew it was time for the Necron to remove themselves from the galaxy, for now anyway. The enslavers consumed whatever life was left in the galaxy. Szarekh ordered the Necron to turn their cities into tombs and sleep for 60 million years. The Necron slept until they were woken up by the Imperium of Man in the 41st million. Now the Necron must destroy the life that has taken over the galaxy in their long sleep.

So, that is the story of the Necron, slave machines that go around killing any life it can find and destroying planets in their wake. The Necron are one of the scariest races in the Warhammer 40k universe and when a tomb world wakes up, most races brace for heavy losses. I hope you enjoyed the story of the Necron and until next time, thank you for reading!

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  1. This is like what happened with one of the novels called Damnos if I remember correctly. Great post man. I always thought the necron and Nagash had something in common, now I see I have a tonne of new things to go look up… Thanks though, your posts are always so well written.

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