MTG Card Discussion: Chancellor of the Annex

Chancellor of the Annex by Min Yum

Name: Chancellor of the Annex

Set(s): New Phyrexia, Mystery Booster

Rarity: Rare

Colour: White

Cost: 4 Generic + 3 White

Type: Creature – Phyrexian Angel

Stats: 5/6


You may reveal this card from your opening hand. If you do, when each opponent casts their first spell of the game, counter that spell unless that player pays {1}.


Whenever an opponent casts a spell, counter it unless that player pays {1}.


So, let us start off with the bread and butter of this, it is a 7 cost creature that is a 5/6 flying. Not the best, but not the worst and certainly quite powerful, even with the high cost. Now let us see what it does. So, if it is in your opening hand, you can reveal it to force your opponents to pay an extra 1 generic mana to play their first spell of the game. This is a decent way to slow your opponent down at the start of the game and give you an extra bit of breathing space. For the rest of the game for as long as the creature is in play it will cost your opponents 1 more generic mana to play every spell. This is decent in the early game, an annoyance in the mid game and useless in the long game, assuming your opponents are playing lands every turn/second turn.

Final thoughts on the card:

So, a 5/6 flyer that slows down your opponents, even in a small way. It is a decent card and I wouldn’t mind having it in my mono-white control deck.

So, let’s give it a rating:

5: Amazing, it should be in all of my decks.

4: Very good, I can see numerous uses for this card.

3: Good, I can see some uses for this card. – CHANCELLOR OF THE ANNEX

2: Fair, It might be handy here or there.

1: Poor, I fail to see the usefulness of this card.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Have you used this card in a deck? Do you think it is a great card or it is not so great? I would love to know your opinion. As always, thank you for reading.

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