Superhero Lore: Superman

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no its a DC Superhero written in the 1930s…sorry I meant no it’s Superman! Hello one and all and welcome to a new series where I talk about the origins of Superheroes, Villains and characters from the world of comic books. I will be talking about DC, Marvel, 2000AD and beyond. I will also be sticking to the most well known origin stories as some superheroes have multiple origin stories as time went on.

Today I will be talking about one of the most well known and popular superheroes of all time, Superman. The planet of Krypton, far away from earth was on the brink of destruction. Jor-El a Kryptonian scientist knew that the world was moments away from obliteration, but he wanted the Kryptonian race to continue. He put his son, Kal-El, an infant into an escape pod and sent him into space. Kal-El journeyed for a long time until he crash lands in a small rural community in America called Smallville, Kansas.


Kal-El, now known as Clark Kent was raised by a married couple called Jonathan and Martha Kent. As he grew up, Clark learned family values, what it means to be good and why you need to protect your fellow man. Clark knew he was different, he was faster, stronger, nothing seemed to hurt him, he could shoot lasers from his eyes and some other fantastic abilities. Clark absorbed the suns rays which gave him his powers. Clark was always told to reign in his abilities though and don’t show them off.

Superman Symbol

Clark moved to the city of Metropolis where he became a journalist. It is here that he met his love, Lois Lane. Clark became the defender of Metropolis as Superman. Trying to balance his love life, work life and superhero life is tough, but he accepts his responsibility to the earth. On Superman’s suit, there is a very notable S symbol which many misconstrued to just stand for Superman, but what it really stands for is hope, translated form Kryptonian. Superman deals with threats, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. You know when Superman is involved, he needs to be involved as the threat is usually world ending.

Some of Superman’s biggest enemies are Darkseid, an alien overlord. Brainiac, an alien cyborg and most probably his most famous enemy, Lex Luthor, a man who is hellbent on tearing down everything Superman stands for. In saying that, Superman’s closest allies would be the dark knight, Batman and Wonder Woman along with the rest of the Justice League.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman

Superman’s Powers:

Immense superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, durability, senses, intelligence and longevity
Solar energy radiation absorption
Molecular acceleration
Superhuman Vision
Electromagnetic spectrum vision
Heat vision
Infrared vision
Microscopic vision
Telescopic vision
Thermal vision
X-ray vision
Superhuman breath
Freezing breath
Wind breath
Accelerated healing

Which makes him one of the most powerful superheroes that has ever being created. He does have a couple of weaknesses though.

1: Kryptonite – parts of his planet that fell to earth. If Superman gets close to any Kryptonite, it usually weakens him to the point where he can barely move.

2: Magic – While it may not be that common, magic does affect Superman and he has very little protection against it.

There are others, but they would be the most common.

Final thoughts:

Superman has become a symbol for justice and a symbol for America as a whole. He has been the leader of the Justice League, a union of superheroes committed to defending humanity and beating bad guys. It is safe to say that Superman is one of the strongest characters in all of the DC Universe and that is not an overstatement. Superman is the ultimate guardian against those that would hurt or destroy humanity, and a symbol of hope for those that need it. I am glad that Superman is on our side.

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