Myths and Legends from around the world #3: May and Gilan (Qatar)

Flag of Qatar

Greetings one and all and welcome to another myth from around the world. We are travelling to a country called Qatar, a country in western Asia with a population that is less than 3 million people. Qatar is a relatively young country that only gained its independence from Great Britain in 1971. It is a country that has a rich culture and history and now I will tell you one of the stories from their mythology.

May and Gilan is said to be the creators of what we know as sailing today. Gilan was a wealthy man who commanded a lot of sailors and fishermen. One day, an adversary showed up named May. She was also wealthy and she commanded a superior number of ships and crew to Gilan. One day as both Gilan and May were harvesting the same pearl bed in the ocean, May was sailing past Gilan and laughed at him as she always had the upper hand. This frustrated Gilan.

Gilan needed a way to beat May, so one day as Gilan was observing a grasshopper, something caught his eye. The wings of the grasshopper intrigued Gilan and he wondered could he apply the same principals to his ships. Gilan set out and created the sail. Now his ships were much faster and left May in the proverbial dust and Gilan was now the first to all the pearl beds.

An interesting tale to be sure. So we are not fighting mythical dragons and ogres, but there is a chance, according to Qatari legend that this little feud changed the world of boating forever and to me that is a lot more exciting as I prefer myths that have a little bit of actual history in it. So, that is a legend from Qatar, I really hope you enjoyed and as always, thank you for reading.

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