MTG Card Discussion: Visions of Duplicity

Visions of Duplicity by Alexander Mokhov

Name: Visions of Duplicity

Set(s): Midnight Hunt Commander

Rarity: Rare

Colour: Blue

Cost: 2 Generic + 1 Blue

Type: Sorcery

Stats: N/A


Exchange control of two target creatures you don’t control.

Flashback {8}{B}{B}. This spell costs {X} less to cast this way, where X is the greatest mana value of a commander you own on the battlefield or in the command zone. (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)


So, a 3 cost sorcery that allows you to switch the control of two creatures that you DON’T control. This is literally only useful in a multiplayer game as you can’t switch one of your creatures. This is a powerful card as it can upset the balance of a game very quickly. One player who is on top with a powerful creature, suddenly becomes very vulnerable and another player is suddenly on top. If you plan things to go your way, you should be able to capitalise on this sudden power vacuum. The fact that you can play it again using flashback just makes it all that sweeter.

Final thoughts on the card:

A powerful card that can turn the tide of battle in a split second. If you’re playing blue the way it should be played then you should be able to turn this new balance of power to your favour.

So, let’s give it a rating:

5: Amazing, it should be in all of my decks.

4: Very good, I can see numerous uses for this card. – VISIONS OF DUPLICITY

3: Good, I can see some uses for this card.

2: Fair, It might be handy here or there.

1: Poor, I fail to see the usefulness of this card.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Have you used this card in a deck? Do you think it is a great card or it is not so great? I would love to know your opinion. As always, thank you for reading.

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