Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (2015, Xbox One)

The Cover Art for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (2015)

Wolfenstein, a game that has always been at the forefront of the FPS genre, the granddaddy of all FPS games. This is the Old Blood, a game released by MachineGames and Bethesda Softworks in May of 2015. The game is a stand alone prequel to the events of the 2014 game, ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’. The game is an Action/Adventure FPS game and boy does it have a lot of action.

You’ve been warned!

The game is set in an alternative 1946 in which the allied forces are losing the war to the Nazi empire. The games protagonist is the much loved B.J Blazkowicz, a tough, kick-ass no nonsense soldier, sent undercover into castle Wolfenstein to obtain the location of the highest ranking SS officer, Wilhelm ‘Deathshead’ Strasse. The main antagonist in the game is Helga Von Strabbs, a Nazi archaeologist obsessed with finding the tomb of King Otto I and the secrets that hide within it.

Castle Wolfenstein

After B.J gets captured, he is put into a Nazi prison where he is to be interrogated by Rudi, Helga’s second in command and his mechanical hound, Greta. B.J eventually gets tortured himself before breaking free, killing Greta and escaping prison. Blazkowicz eventually makes it to a village and finds help with the local resistance group. Rudi eventually catches up to Blazkowicz again, but this time in power armour, which B.J overcomes and kills Rudi.

Rudi Jager in power armour

B.J eventually goes to Wulfburg where he knows Helga is performing her excavations to find the tomb. Eventually the Nazi’s open a vault which causes an earthquake and allows strange gas to seep on the streets of Wulfburg. The gas turns the Nazi soldiers into zombies…yes, zombies! B.J makes his way through the streets of Wulfburg mowing down Nazi zombies as he goes until he eventually makes it to King Otto’s vault where he finds Helga.

Nazi Zombies

Helga, using a text she unearthed summons what was lurking in the deep all along, a massive monster, not unlike a towering mummy. Helga attempts to control the monster using certain keywords, which looks like it works until the monsters picks up Helga with it’s mouth and flings her away, cue the final boss battle. The monster is aided by zombies and Nazi soldiers, but B.J eventually wins and destroys the monster. B.J finds the location of Deathshead’s compound and the game ends with the preparation of the invasion of Deathshead’s compound which is the beginning of The New Order.

The Monster

The game is played over eight missions which go through a lot of different locations including prisons, villages and ancient vaults. The game is a fast-paced high octane shooter which will keep you on your toes. There is a slight stealth element to the game where you can sneak up on guard and perform take downs which to be very honest in quite useful as setting off one or two guards can lead to a massive firefight, but you do you.

The gun play in the game is fantastic as every weapon just feels nice to use. From the steel pipe cracking heads open to the mini gun which mows down tons of enemies in no time, it would be extremely difficult to get bored of shooting enemies in the game. The enemies are various also which is good and forces you to change strategies a lot. From the bog standard Nazi soldier, to mechanical hounds all the way to zombies and super soldiers, the playing field does change.

Wolfenstein 3D (1991)

Apart from the main game, you have a challenge mode where you try and survive while killing enemies and wracking up points to achieve a gold medal. It was a bit of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I wasn’t great at it. The other nice touch is during the campaign you can find pictures of the original Wolfenstein 3D (1991) game which has a bed beside it. You can sleep in the bed and play a “nightmare” where you play the original levels of Wolfenstein 3D but using The Old Blood mechanics. A nice touch for Wolfenstein 3D fans.

The game overall was extremely fun to play with an interesting story and a nice tie in for The New Order. The graphics were beautiful and soundtrack was really cool and fit in with the game. The game play was exciting and energetic and was moving a mile a minute at some parts. A great game and one I would gladly play again. I would give the game a 8/10.

I hope you enjoyed my review and as always, thanks for reading!

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